Square Shoulder Drill

Drill helps keep the shoulders square to the target line for target line for straight and consistent drives.

25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Drill Helps with distance control on approach shots.

L to L Drill

L to L Drill Helps with quick hands for distance and release of the Golf Club at Impact.

Chipping Drill

Chipping Drill (Taking the Golf Club straight back helps create crisp contact with chips and pitch shots.)

Walk Through Drill

Excellent drill to help with weight transfer.

Inside to outside swing path

Closed body drill help to create the feel of swinging from inside to outside to create a draw.

Weight Transfer

Golf instructor Sean Foley explains weight transfer in the golf swing, providing a few simple tips to help avoid excess swaying and create more solid contact with the ball.

The 5-Minute Slice Fix

In the following video Hank Haney teaches a drill to help fix your slice.

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Grip Fundamentals

Tip on the Grip – Golf Instructional Video Tip by Chris Foley Golf Schools.

Clubhead Lag

Golf instructor Sean Foley. Don’t hold on: Let your wrists unhinge and square up with your target.

Tiger Woods: Slow Motion

Watch the swing of 2013 PGA Tour Player of the Year Tiger Woods in slow motion to learn the subtle swing keys that help make him the great player that he is.

Junior Golf Prodigy

Tracking the golf game of a 4-year old from the age of 2. Watch him has he develops his swing and acquires a love for the game. Now playing in SC junior tour and continuing to play well.


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