What to Expect

How To Prepare For Your Lesson

A few things you should know before you come for a lesson at Lock Golf Academy.

Book your lesson: This can be done on our website or you can call us at 248-274-6533.

Day of Lesson: Please plan to arrive at the lesson location 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time. This will allow you some time to warm up and stretch out before the lesson begins. Your instructor will greet you on the driving range. If you are running late for your lesson, please call and let us know.

Range balls: We will provide at no additional cost during the lesson.

What should you bring: Dress comfortably. You should wear your golf shoes or sneakers. The clubs you bring will be determined by what you are looking to accomplish. If you have specific issues that you want addressed – driving, short game, putting, etc.. then you should bring the appropriate clubs. If you are looking for a general or overall game lesson, bring your entire set. Please let us know ahead of time if you are a beginner without clubs.

Payment: Online payment can be made through our lesson scheduling system or onsite before your lesson begin. Please refer to your cancellation policy in regards to refunds.

After the Lesson: We encourage students to allow some time after lesson is over to practice the techniques and drills given to you during your lesson.

*** In case of rain or inclement weather, please call ahead to confirm your lesson.***

What to Expect During a Lesson

The First Lesson: We discuss your goals, objectives, and your overall current golf game. We will show you stretching techniques that we encourage you to use before each lesson. Every lesson will be dedicated towards improving the specific area of your game that you choose.

Game evaluation form: You will be asked to complete a player profile in which you will self-evaluate your game, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Golf Club Evaluation: Expect us to test your equipment. We need to know up front what your clubs are asking of you. If your equipment doesn’t fit, we’re going to fix it!

Physical Golf Fitness Evaluation: We want to know what your body can and can’t do before we ask you to make any changes to your game. Knowing your physical limitations will help us to build a golf swing around what you can do. And we’ll apply clear-cut goals as to how you can obtain a successful, repeating golf swing.

Mental Golf Profile: Expect to be on a “learning curve” when accepting changes. Together we will develop an understanding of how you learn best and what prompts you to perform optimally. Understanding who you are opens the doors to learning for both you and your teacher.

Drills: Practice does not make perfect; it makes permanent. Therefore what you practice is critical to your success. The fundamental drills, and practice methods along with repetition we instruct will help ensure that you knowledge and understanding of the golf swing will improve making the game more enjoyable.

On the tee examination of your swing: Ask about our Playing lessons and video analysis. These are great tools to help evaluate your full swing, short game, putting, and bunker shots.


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