Private Lessons for All Skill Levels
2022 Outdoor Lessons

Standard Private Lessons & Packages

Adult Private

1/2 Hour Lessons 1 Hour Lessons
Units Cost Units Cost
1 $65.00 1 $120.00
4 $240.00 4 $450.00
6 $345.00 6 $630.00

Junior Ages 4-17 & Seniors Ages 62+ Private

1/2 Hour Lessons 1 Hour Lessons
Units Cost Units Cost
1 $60.00 1 $110.00
4 $220.00 4 $410.00
6 $315.00 6 $570.00
Complete Performance Lessons with Trackman Technology

Tee to green. Trackman gives you all the data you need, it is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible. With access to state-of-the-art technology for measuring both the golf club and swing dynamics, there is nothing we can’t tackle in our time together. 

At the conclusion of each lesson, student’s will receive a report with a video recap of their lesson for review.  

Adult Private

1 Hour Lessons
Units Cost
1 $145.00
4 $540.00
6 $780.00

Junior Ages 4-17 & Seniors Ages 62+ Private

1 Hour Lessons
Units Cost
1 $135.00
4 $500.00
6 $720.00

Semi-Private Lessons

Designed for a more intimate golf lesson experience for 2-4 people.

Semi-private lessons allow for focused, personalized instruction, but with another person (friend, partner, or neighbor) for some friendly competition or just someone to share a laugh with but still want the private lesson experience.

All Semi-Pricing lessons are 1 Hour.

2 Person $130
3 Person $140
4 Person $150

Larger groups give us a call to discuss all your options 248-274-6533 or email info@lockgolfacademy.com

Playing Lesson - Take Your Range Game to the Course

1 Hour on-course lesson $145

2 ½ Hours or 9 Hole on-course lesson $200 (Additional person $60)

*All Course fees included*

Learn how to implement shots, course management, how to read the greens. Learn how to transfer your range game to the golf course with confidence. Learn to lower scores by playing smart. Semi-Private playing lesson are available upon request.

At the Lock Golf Academy we understand that not everyone is comfortable taking private lessons, especially beginning golfers.

When you participate in one of our golf clinics you will learn the game in a relaxed, fun environment. View our Clinic schedule or ask us about our Private Clinic/Events options to accommodate your schedule.

Winter Lessons December - April 15th

Trackman One Hour Indoor Simulator Lesson

$150 Per Hour

Players Golf and Poker Room North
Address: 33463 8 Mile Road, Livonia MI 48152

In most places in the world it is getting colder and most of you will move indoors to practice but don’t fret you can still get better and practice effectively. But as we all know practice without feedback can be tough even for the most experienced players; however, we are here to show you a way you can kill two birds with one stone.


 With the system used by 800 tour professionals. All golf lessons are taught using TrackMan 4 with video analysis. Dan Lock is Level 1 & 2 TrackMan Certified. Dan Lock is also Certified in American Development Model Teacher and Coach – a new program sponsored by the PGA of America.

  • TrackMan helps improve your swing:
  • TrackMan evaluates each individual golf swing—in real time.
  • TrackMan 4 tracks from 6 foot pitches to 400+ yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards.
  • TrackMan’s immersive software displays the 3D trajectory of your shot, together with over 28 impact and ball flight parameters in real time.
  • TrackMan provides swing analysis data such as: carry distance, total distance, club speed, ball speed, attack angle, face angle, spin, and much more. 
  • Packages available for 3 & 5 Lessons.  


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